Days Gone - Ripper Compound

I was the lead artist on the buildings surrounding the Ripper Compound as well as the Compound itself. A golf resort taken over by the R.I.P this space requires working closely with design and my leads to ensure it played smoothly and felt threatening to the player.

I was in charge of kit creation, interior prop placement and storytelling.

Days Gone was a team effort, and every image posted here includes work from multiple artists, including:
Brandon Wilson, Ryan Johnson, Ryan Grubb, Matthew Seymour, Richard Gardner, and Lisa Barber / Level Art and World Population
Justin Kimball / Foliage
Matt Williams / Rocks and organic assets
Jason Pettibone / Roads, bridges and tunnels
Alex Olstinske / Textures and materials
Dylan Rainville, Dan Quinn, and Alex Wells / Buildings
Ian Runnels and Brian Pape / Props
Russ Severe / Env Team Lead
Nate Weikert / Env Lead