Days Gone - Marion Forks

I was in charge of the production of Marion Forks for the buildings, the ones pictured I had the most involvement in, while the others were completed by the other two members of the kit team!

Days Gone was a team effort, and every image posted here includes work from multiple artists, including:
Brandon Wilson, Ryan Johnson, Ryan Grubb, Matthew Seymour, Richard Gardner, and Lisa Barber / Level Art and World Population
Justin Kimball / Foliage
Matt Williams / Rocks and organic assets
Jason Pettibone / Roads, bridges and tunnels
Alex Olstinske / Textures and materials
Dylan Rainville, Dan Quinn, and Alex Wells / Buildings
Ian Runnels and Brian Pape / Props
Russ Severe / Env Team Lead
Nate Weikert / Env Lead

Alex wells portfolio marionforksgovermentoffices exterior2
Alex wells portfolio marionforksgovermentoffices exterior
Alex wells portfolio marionforksgovermentoffices interior1
Alex wells portfolio marionforksgovermentoffices interior2
Alex wells portfolio marionforkswarehouse interior
Alex wells portfolio marionforkschurch exterior1
Alex wells portfolio marionforkschurch interior
Alex wells portfolio marionforks oldwagonexterior1
Alex wells portfolio marionforks oldwagonexterior2
Alex wells portfolio marionforks oldwagonexterior3
Alex wells portfolio marionforks oldwagoninterior